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Digital marketing

The challenge for most businesses is that digital marketing is becoming more fragmented, more complex to implement and more sophisticated approaches are needed to achieve any results. Traditional methods are becoming less effective and so there is a relentless migration to everything digital. The challenge going forward with digital is that the rules of the game keep changing and what was right one day might actually get you penalised the next. (Just think of the changes to the Google search engine.) QR Encompass offers an outsourced digital marketing management service that helps you to build up the expertise in your business whilst meeting your objectives in the short term.

In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world every business needs to have a working digital marketing strategy and implementation plan in place with sufficient resource either internally or externally to ensure that the plans get executed in a timely manner if it is to grow and prosper.

Here are some questions to think about:

QR Encompass is not a digital agency. The market is fragmented and unless you go to a large agency no one supplier can support you to implement a credible digital marketing plan. You can think of QR Encompass as your outsourced digital marketing manager, we sit with you to develop your digital marketing strategy and implementation plans and then work with you to manage their implementation. If you have internal resource we can help you agree KPIs with them to ensure their personal objectives are in line with those needed by the business.

To that end, we offer the following services:

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