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Packaging is important, do not underestimate it.


If you market a product successfully, the packaging itself can become highly profitable for your business. It certainly should not become a hurdle for your customers to jump over in order to get to your product. I'm not talking about incorrect fancy design or weird and wonderful shapes (Coke proved that a simple, functional and completely brand-aware bottle can turn a product into a household name). I'm talking about manufacture error, cutting corners and drastic revamping of design.

If packaging can have a positive effect on profits, it can also achieve the exact opposite. Let's take large retailer Next for example. They released a, surprising popular, beer-scented shower gel. The only problem was many customers were complaining that the beer bottle shaped bag containing the gel would explode; sometimes when squeezed, sometime at random. Next recalled the product in May 2016 and offered refunds. They haven't revisited the packaging issue but rather opted to ditch the product completely. This item clearly wasn't destined to have a high ticket price, so I surmise that cost cutting on the packaging was probably to blame here. 

So what does it do to your company if a big packaging blunder such as this happens? Even if we look beyond the financial loss of creating a product and putting it into production, it is the negative impact that could see further losses to your cash flow. Brand identity is not supposed to have any negative connotations. An internet backlash could totally trash your marketing campaigns.

See your packaging as a profit builder rather than a cost. And give it the budget it deserves.

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