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Love the job you have



At some point in our careers, many of us will find ourselves in a job that we don’t enjoy.  This is never easy to cope with, especially if quitting is not an option.  So sometimes we just have to grin and bear it until the right opportunity to move comes along.  But how do you get through the day in a job you don’t like?  Here are some thoughts that might help.

The personal power grid

If we are unhappy at work, it’s easy to become bitter and frustrated wasting a great deal of energy and effort trying to change things that we can’t control or to allow ourselves to just give up hope and do nothing. The personal power grid reminds us to focus on changing the things that we can control and accept that there are some things that we can’t. It provides a useful way of looking at what you can do to make your current position a little more bearable.

Just do it!

Focusing on the things that you can control and change is obviously more productive and more rewarding than fretting about things that are out of your control. Consider the following:

Motivation: Ultimately, you do control whether you stay in your current role or not. Understand your motivation for staying – do you need the job to keep your children clothed and fed or is it an important stepping stone to a future role? Making a conscious decision to stay and focusing on your job as a means to achieve what you really want can help to put it into perspective.

Analyse: one of the best things about being in a job you don’t like is that it can help you to really understand what you will be looking for in future roles. Identifying some of the key specifics that you don’t like might also give you some ideas about what you could do to actually change something in your job for the better.

Treat yourself: make sure you allow yourself some enjoyment in your working day and some time to relieve any stress that has built up. This might be exercising before or after work, buying yourself a latte on the way in; personalising your work space or chatting with a colleague that you get on with.

Manage your reputation: set yourself short term goals to help maintain your performance and try to avoid venting your frustrations on colleagues or your boss. It’s a small world and you never know when you might need a reference in the future.

Internal projects: see if you can take part in any internal improvement projects that can use your skills and provide you with more interest. If there aren’t any, then find out what other people would like to see changed and work on making it happen.

Work towards your dream job: it’s helpful to have a plan for finding your next job and a deadline for when you will make the move. Take every opportunity to improve your skills and make sure that your CV is kept up to date and ready to impress.

Let it go!

A quick search of the internet reveals huge amounts of advice on coping with a job you hate and numerous pleas on message boards for ideas on what to do. One piece of advice ‘it’s work, you’re not there to like it’ seems to sit firmly in the ‘giving up’ box of the personal power grid but does highlight one thing: if you don’t like your job you’re certainly not alone.

Accepting that your current role is just not the right one for you doesn’t have to be giving up or admitting to failure. It can, however, allow you to let go of some of the feelings of frustration and worthlessness that can sometimes sit with job dissatisfaction. Talking to people and making positive plans for the future can also alleviate the stress and worry of a job you dislike.

And remember, it is only a job, it doesn’t need to define who you are or stop you enjoying other parts of your life and it doesn’t have to be forever.

We can help

If you would like some support in coming to terms with your current role, managing change or find a new career then we can help. Do get in touch with us to find out more.

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