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Happy New Year


Out with the old...

As we partied into the New Year millions of us were thinking about our plans for 2018 and creating resolutions to be healthier, wealthier and happier.

Unfortunately, many people don’t succeed in making their resolutions last more than a week. Research by psychologist Richard Wiseman from the University of Hertfordshire showed that only a few people who relied on willpower alone to stick to their goals succeeded in doing so. His research was picked up by a number of newspapers suggesting that making New Year resolutions is a pointless exercise.

And while we might recognise a degree of wishful thinking in our own resolutions, there’s something about the excesses of the Christmas holiday and the prospect of a bleak return to work in January that means we often feel the need to plan for a brighter future at this time of year.

In with the new...

So how can we ensure the best chances of success? Learning from Richard Wiseman’s research and coupled with what we already know about coaching for change, we are pleased to offer you our top tips for making and sticking with your resolutions.

1. Be inspired

Spend a little time understanding your vision for the future you. It’s relatively easy to list the things that you’re currently dissatisfied with, but developing a strong and positive vision for the future is important if you’re to remain motivated.

2. Get SMART

Of course you already know about SMART objectives and how important they are...but do you always follow your own advice? Make your vision as specific as possible and don’t try to achieve the unrealistic. Turn your vision into a set of SMART objectives. Break it down into more manageable steps if you need to. So, instead of “this time next year I’ll be in a fantastic job” set yourself goals, for example, for re-vamping your CV by the end of January and applying for three jobs a month.

3. Write them down

Writing down your goals can help to make them more tangible. It also means you have something to review your progress against.

4. Review progress, reward success, revisit vision

Persistence is key to achieving your goals. Don’t just set them and forget them. If you’ve written your goals down, it’ll be much easier to review your progress. Reward yourself for successes and don’t give up just because your action plan slips a little. Remind yourself of your vision, make sure it’s still relevant and inspirational and rework your objectives if necessary.

5. Get some support

Just telling other people that you’ve set some goals will increase your likelihood of achieving them rather than letting them get forgotten. Getting some support in setting goals, planning actions and reviewing progress will help even more. Recognise that you might need to work hard to achieve your goals and enlist the help of friends, family and colleagues if you are able to.

We can help

We can help to make sure that you achieve your goals for 2018. We can provide one-to-one and group coaching and mentoring, facilitate your developing a vision and work with you to develop strategies and action plans. If you would like to find our more, then get in touch.

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